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Hello! I'm Amy, I am 24 and live with my partner and our little family of two kittens and a hamster. Although I'm only just really starting my life, I have had a lot of different experiences and some not ones I want to remember! I want to start a blog, to tell my story and share some of my experiences old and new ...........

Sunday, 7 November 2010

It's been a while........................

Haven't been here for a little while. So my week has been a bit up and down, had a few days where I forgot my tablets so haven't been feeling myself. Have spent quite a bit of time with the Beau this week which has been nice.
You may be pleased to know that I started some projects, I have borrowed a sewing machine and I plan to make;

  • Two pillow cases to fit out memory foam pillows
  • Some cushion covers for our bed
  • Small fabric Christmas Tree decorations
  • A bow tie for little Norman :-) (Just a silly idea really)
We shall see how these actually work out. I have bought the material but it's just having the guts to go for it I think. When I'm not feeling myself I struggle with concentration, hence why I have avoided an update. .......

I shall add photo's when I actually get into production....................

This evening I have made a batch of Vegan Jam Tarts. I have to say they were actually surprisingly tasty. I next plan to attempt a Jam Roly Poly we shall see how that works.....

Jam tart recipe (makes 12ish!)

Preheat oven Gas Mark 6, grease tray ready.

4oz Plain Flour
4oz Dairy Free spread
1oz Caster Sugar
20ml cold water

Mix together to form dough. Roll out cut out circular disks about 4mm thick
Pop into tray and add about 1tsp Jam (flavour of your choice) to each tart.
Bake for 15-20 minutes
Remove and allow to cool (dust with icing sugar whist still hot)


Until next time
xx A xx


  1. Gosh you're getting busy - photo's soon?;)


  2. Oh, please do make a little bowtie for Norman! He'd look so cute in one! It must be red or green though, then he can be Christmassey too =) x